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Brian Kamenetzky on Blake Griffin:

Blake Griffin’s act is counterproductive against the Lakers. 

Because he’s such an athletic freak and makes genuinely funny commercials, I’d like to like Blake Griffin. I really would. He doesn’t make it easy, though. 

Wednesday night, Griffin earned himself a couple of spectacular highlights, both at the expense of Gasol. First came the soaring putback dunk for the LAC’s first points. Then there was the massive poster job on Gasol in the third. Either could have been an offensive foul, particularly the second play, when Griffin cleared Gasol out with an elbow to the face. That isn’t the issue. What hurts Griffin against L.A. is the posturing and preening accompanying each play. And the shove in the back on Gasol running full speed on the break. And the headlocks, and so on. 

The Lakers are like the Incredible Hulk. Don’t make them angry. You wouldn’t like them when they’re angry. Rather than get the Lakers out of their game, that sort of stuff tends to galvanize them. Beyond that, it would help if Griffin contributed more than artwork for the wall. When not dunking, Griffin missed virtually every shot he took, and was a minus-16 for the game.

Blake wins if games are played for Sportscenter highlights, but I’d rather take the ‘W’ that goes in our w/l column.


Blake got the dunks.  Pau (and the Lakers) got the win.


Blake got the dunks.  Pau (and the Lakers) got the win.


Photos from the Lakers 96 - 91 win over the Clippers.

"Yeah, I drops 40 on your double-team." - Lil’ Wayne
Not quite 40, but pretty close.

"Yeah, I drops 40 on your double-team." - Lil’ Wayne

Not quite 40, but pretty close.

Blake Griffin v. Lamar Odom

Was recently on a discussion board and the topic of Lamar’s scuffle with Blake Griffin came up. Most of the comments were, “Odom is so scared of Griffin, Blake would beat his ass!”

Yeah … no.

Blake is an explosive and exciting player, and I’m going to seem beyond biased, but Blake Griffin rarely steps up to players of his own size. We saw it when he pushed around Mario Chalmers and got in his face (which actually amused me), and when Andre Miller punked him for pushing him. Blake didn’t push him again that whole night.

But the thing that really pissed me off about this situation was the announcer. “And you know Artest is in the middle of it.” Even when Ron tries to do the right thing and break it up you get jerks who only see him in that Pacer uniform running up the stands.

"I wanted [Griffin] to dunk on me. I wanted to see what it felt like."


Ron Artest is still crazynuts, y’all. 

(via J.A. Adande)


(via nbaoffseason)

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