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Anonymous asked: I was just wondering why they're not playing Jodie Meeks as a backup 2 guard behind Kobe. Is it because he hasn't been delivering or something? I was trying to find the answers in various sports blogs but couldn't find one, and was hoping you would know.

To put it simply, he hasn’t been playing well enough. Now, if that’s because of him slumping and just not being productive, or Mike Brown’s rotations and not getting in a groove, we’ll never know.

In my opinion, he most likely isn’t getting the time to get comfortable enough to produce. In the blowout win against Detroit he only played four minutes, which sounds absurd considering the Lakers once lead by 36 points. I’d put that on Mike Brown.

Statistically … well actually, there isn’t enough to go around to even judge him statistically. He’s average 2 points in 7 minutes per game, but has only taken 7 shots. And he’s 2/5 from three-point range (40%). So whether he’s effective has yet to be seen.

I’d chalk this up to Mike Brown having ridiculous rotations. Shooters need to get into a rhythm, and I don’t see how Meeks can do that with 7 minutes of playing time a game.

Anonymous asked: kobe brings in so much money for the lakers organization that it doesn't matter because he bring in as much if not more than he makes.

Jerry Buss has told people that Kobe’s worth about $70 million a year to the Lakers.

These people may not like it, but most superstar NBA players are getting robbed. LeBron leaving Cleveland dropped the value of that franchise a couple hundred million.

Anonymous asked: I think every professional athlete/movie star/etc in existence is overpaid. That's what I think. Can we all think rationally for even just a moment? $25 million for playing a sport? I don't care about the money they bring in, the revenue for our city, and whatever else they contribute to, how is such a staggering amount even logical compared to what others in our society are paid? I guess I'm just venting, but I think that is the one thing that is fucked up about our country.

"I don’t care about the money they bring in, the revenue for our city, and whatever else they contribute to, how is such a staggering amount even logical compared to what others in our society are paid?"

I think they definitely get paid more than they’re worth, but if they legitimately bring in millions of dollars, then who’s to say they shouldn’t get paid? Otherwise the billionaire owner is just going to collect that money. Better it go to the actual people providing the entertainment.

Anonymous asked: Lakers fan who try to put all the blame on Pau annoy me. Sure he doesn't play well sometimes and I get frustrated with him two but we can't forget what he has done for this team. Without Pau the Lakers wouldn't have won those two championships.

Lakers fans will never forget what Pau has done, I can assure you that.

Unfortunately, what he’s done for us in the past doesn’t help us in the present.

Anonymous asked: Everybody blames Pau, but realistically, it wasn't all his fault. You can't lose games like we lost Game 2 and Game 4 and expect to win in the playoffs. You have to close out games. The blame should go around. Bynum is supposed to be our biggest offensive weapon and he was totally ineffective in the series. Mike Brown's substitutes are nonsensical sometimes (intentionally having Steve Blake guard James Harden??). Pau wasn't aggressive enough, and neither was Sessions. It's not just one guy.

People I’m blaming, in order from greatest blame to least:

Jim Buss
Mike Brown
Ramon Sessions
Pau Gasol
Andrew Bynum
Steve Blake
Ron Artest
Kobe Bryant

Dr. Buss (for not giving Jeanie more power)

Looking forward to next season though! :] 

Anonymous asked: I think, once again,the coaching staff let us down. Mainly mike brown.

As much as I like to get on Coach Brown (and I really do, I was wishing for Adelman), this is on the Lakers as a team. We can take some positive things from this though. I think.

  • Thunder can’t be expected to shoot 53% with only 4 turnovers the entire series.
  • Maybe Mike Brown looks at playing Goudelock & Morris, who both hit three’s. They’re younger, faster, and the combo of Sessions+Blake looked horrid. Speaking of Sessions, what happened to him??
  • Andrew Bynum was 7-12, with 14 rebounds. He was engaged, and we need that.

Yeah, that’s all I have really. I did only say some positive things. I’ll search for more.

Anonymous asked: Starting next season, the Lakers will no longer be on Fox Sports Net and KCAL 9. Two years ago, Time Warner Cable made a deal with the Lakers to create two regional sports channels — one in English and one in Spanish — that will use the Lakers as their backbone. Meaning starting the 2012-13 season, they will cover all preseason, regular-season and postseason games that are not nationally telecast. (Google "Time Warner Lakers" and there will be numerous links about this)

Anonymous asked: Benching Bynum made sense, it really did. He didn't even come in and play like he should have after the intial benching either so he deserved to sit. Kobe getting benched made sense too. Kobe is the best hands down and my favorite player, but he has teammates, and I'm personally sick of seeing him hold the ball for the whole shot clock and not even try to penetrate and throw up a horrible shot after horrible shot. When they stop sharing the ball, they give up leads and lose and I'm sick of it.

Oh, it definitely made sense. Neither I, nor gotemcoach is saying that. It kind of speaks about a larger issue, and that’s Mike Brown. The way that he treats the player just isn’t consistent across the board.

Bynum deserved the benching, Kobe’s benching was a little more perplexing. Maybe bench him in the beginning of the quarter, but why until 1:51 left in the game? Like we saw last night, despite whatever kind of shooting night he’s having, it’s just valuable to have him in the game in the bottom half of the 4th.

I don’t mean to defend him because he really does shoot us out of games, and I agree with the sentiment about sharing the ball. Especially when two games ago the Lakers had 33 assists on 40 made baskets.

Anonymous asked: i'm still so disappointed that the Lakers didn't promote Brian Shaw or hire Rick Adelman. Mike Brown has no creative offensive mind and his defense is that great either. Having Kobe sit until a minute left in the 4th while giving MWP and Steve Blake extended minutes shows why he's terrible. He also needs to let Goudelock and/or Morris play. Those guys cannot play better than Steve "-17 +/-" Blake.

I’ve gotten lots of messages that pretty much follow along these lines.

Kobe didn’t really speak out about Mike Brown after the game, but he did admit he was upset at being benched. It was just a baffling decision considering how Kobe literally facilitated our comeback in the 3rd quarter.

And like you mentioned, having Steve Blake play extended minutes didn’t make sense either. Having Blake try to defend OJ Mayo is a joke, really. Mayo went 4-4 for 9 points in a stretch where Blake guarded him.

I would have liked to see Goudelock play. I also would have liked to see Jordan Hill play. For as great as Bynum was offensively (30 points), he only had 4 rebounds. F-O-U-R. Even when Pau wasn’t shooting well in the first half he still had 8 boards. No way Bynum should be getting worked over by players like Hamed Haddadi.

Anonymous asked: Do you think that. Mike brown is a suitable coach for LA? His strategy never worked with LeBron in Cleveland, why should it work here?

I think defensively he was the right choice. The Lakers do move better (though it didn’t show tonight) on the defensive end of the floor.

Offensively though … I wonder to myself what the hell he’s thinking. The rotations he puts on the floor, the plays he draws up. I think he has a habit of taking hot players out of the game, as well as not really holding players accountable for their mistakes like Phil did.

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